Does your child need help with specific skills?

Would you like your child to benefit from Advanced Learning?

Let us connect you with a CBB+ educator who can help meet

those needs! One on one or small group tutoring benefits students

by zeroing in on learning goals, whether you're wanting to see your

child zoom ahead or just develop confidence and skills.

It's so easy to set up!

Step 1: Complete the registration form. Be sure to download the

document and save it before filling it out. Otherwise, your

information won't be retained. The registration form also

includes tutoring rates and common tutoring subject areas.

Step 2: Email the form to

Step 3: We'll respond to you within 24 hours with tutor and

payment information. Your tutor will contact you to schedule

sessions. All tutoring sessions occur online in our virtual

classrooms.They are recorded for accountability and review





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