Course Description:

This course, which includes labs, starts

at the molecular level and finishes with a study of the systems

of the human body. The scope and sequence of topics of this

course will include: Characteristics of Living Things, Basic

Chemistry related to Living Creatures, Carbohydrates, Proteins and

Fats in Living Things, The Effects of pH in Living Systems, Cytology,

Cellular Division (Mitosis), Chromosome Duplication and Protein

Synthesis, Reproduction in Living Things (Meiosis), Basic

Mendelian Genetics, Taxonomy, Living Creatures Across All Kingdoms

and Phyla, Introduction to Human Biology and Ecology. Students also

learn to analyze and write lab reports.

Single Live CP Course Tuition Rate:

$480 yr/$60 mo

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Course Length:


Sessions Available:

Fall, Recorded


Mrs. Beth Hempton (may change)


Content: Wednesday, 10:00 - 11:15 am EST and

Lab (monthly - TBA)*

*Recorded Classes are posted by 6 pm EST on the day of the live class.


Physical Science preferred

Recommended Grade Level:

9th - 12th

Curriculum and Supplies:

Friendly Biology - to be published

in April, 2017. CBB+ students receive a 15% discount.




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