Teaching with Library Books: The Librarian Who Measured the Earth

When I started homeschooling, I spent hours and hours in the library perusing children’s books. With my two children being six years apart, it wasn’t a naturally easy process to combine educational materials and curriculum. However, as I became engrossed in all of the different children’s books available (I read over 1000 different picture books one year while researching), I realized that I could use many of the books to teach a variety of subjects for both of my children. With some of the books, they jump started a topic, while others offered the central concepts that I needed to teach. So, for the coming weeks of Let’s Talk Books, I am going to share some of my treasured books, along with concepts for teaching that may be used for almost any grade level. The concepts may be introductory ideas for younger children or the start of a research writing for older children. Your children may want to create a map together reflecting the geography concepts or practice a science idea presented in the book. A book might inspire artwork, writing a song or learning about someone from history that you’ve never before studied.

The Librarian Who Measured the Earth by Kathryn Lasky is one my absolute favorite children’s books. The content opens doors to discovering science and history, while the writing provides numerous opportunities for teaching grammar and  writing skills. Lasky’s style of writing not only appeals to young people, but it’s so well done. The illustrations, designed by Keven Hawkes, with bright colors and personality add significantly to the story. So, before you concern yourself with lessons from this book, you need to just sit down and enjoy it with your children. Then, consider using some of the introduced concepts to share with your children or around which you might develop a lesson or activity. I’ve created a document with the concepts and ideas that you can download for free rather than just listing them on this blog post, which might be challenging to print or copy.

I hope you enjoy this favorite of mine. If you use the book and concepts, please share a comment about how you did it so that other homeschoolers will be inspired!

Happy reading and God bless,




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Teaching with Library Books: The Librarian Who Measured the Earth (Let’s Talk Books)

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